Humor and Happy Endings is a series of short fiction featuring quirky Southern characters in funny predicaments. "The Yard Sale" and "Delivering Love Today" are set in the present and they are all about charming chaos. Go back to the 50s with Marilyn Monroe wannabe, Darlene Higginbottom, and her two dim-witted accomplices, Richie and Tommy Ray, in "Laid to Rest" and "Haints in Hollywood," two redneck comedies. And for something more inspirational and cute, "Decoration Day" follows the antics of Melanie Sue Haddock on Decoration Day, an old Southern tradition of decorating the churchyard and dinner on the grounds. All the stories are available on Amazon. 

From Reader Reviews:

Well written...funny. Enjoyed so much I've read it twice.  "The Yard Sale"

Each of them had me laughing every time they opened their mouths.  "The Yard Sale"

Humorous story, likable characters and nicely paced. "Laid to Rest"

A delightful fast read. Sometimes you just need to read a story that is just pure fun. "Laid to Rest"

The story was fun, romantic ... a sweet read!!! I'd recommend!!! :D "Delivering Love Today" 

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